Our Certifications

LFA Machines is committed to delivering exceptional service and products for you. We currently maintain several certifications that show our quality in management and production, which we are proud to share with you.

ISO 22000:2018 Certification

Food safety and oral solid dose manufacturing go hand in hand, and the making of any product made for human consumption should adopt a strong food safety management system (FSMS). Because we  supply solid oral dose manufacturing machines, services, and materials, LFA Machines has decided to develop our own solid FSMS based on the standards of ISO 22000:2018. With the ISO 22000:2018 certification, we have met criteria that establishes the quality, reliability, and safety of our food grade products.

ISO 22000:2018 Certificate
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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

LFA Machines has built our business around four core values: Learning, Growing, Bettering Ourselves, and Being Supportive. What better way to implement our core values than to follow the ISO 9001 quality management standards? These standards pertain to maintaining the quality of products and services through a strong focus on customers, involvement from top management, and consistent reviews of processes, policies, and procedures for continuous improvement. Our attainment of the ISO 9001:2015 certification shows our dedication to constantly improving our processes and procedures so that we can provide the highest quality in products and service.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
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Dietary Certifications

We know the accessibility of our products is important for people following special diets. That’s why we undergo several audits throughout the year so that we can provide the highest standard of excipients and empty capsules for as many people as possible. We currently hold the following dietary requirement certifications.

Vegan Certified

Several of our excipients are certified under EarthKosher’s Vegan Verified Program, which has a “zero-tolerance” for the presence of animal product derivatives. Dicalcium Phosphate, Firmapress, Firmaoil, Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, and Silicon Dioxide are all certified Vegan and contain no animal products or by-products.

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Organic Certified

We are proud to carry Firmapress Organic and Pullulan capsules, our certified organic products. The ingredients in our organic products as well as our processing equipment are reviewed by Oregon Tilth annually. We invest in maintaining these certifications because we know how important it is to give our customers an organic option when it comes to excipients and capsules.

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Halal Certified

Our excipients and empty capsules are certified Halal. We periodically undergo audits, performed by Etimad, that certify our products and facilities are in accordance with Islamic law. We not only source and manufacture with ingredients that are acceptable under Islamic law, but also follow strict guidelines for purchasing, manufacturing, packing, and warehousing to ensure compliance with Islamic prescriptions.

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Kosher Certified

Our US warehouse is subjected to regular inspections by a rabbinical authority from EarthKosher to ensure that we comply with Jewish kosher food laws. Our stringent adherence to quality and cleanliness guarantees our ingredients, production facility, tools, and machinery are all free from non-kosher materials.

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