LFA Machines at SupplySide West

30th-31th October

About SupplySide West

Step into the dynamic heart of the health and nutrition industry at the eagerly awaited SupplySide West and Food Ingredients North America event on October 30th-31st. This extraordinary gathering stands as the premier junction for dedicated professionals who are propelling scientific and strategic advancements in finished products, thereby driving the global business economy forward.

Experience unparalleled networking opportunities as you connect with exhibitors hailing from around the world, establishing valuable global connections. Rub shoulders with prominent industry leaders and gain insights that drive your professional journey forward. Open doors to new avenues of business growth and innovation, while venturing into the forefront of cutting-edge ingredients. Stay competitive in your field through enlightening educational sessions, ensuring you remain ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Become a part of the wave that is molding the destiny of health and nutrition. Act promptly to guarantee your place and actively engage in this revolutionary gathering.